How to instal Custom Recovery (TWRP) on Samsung Galaxy S4

Once root access has been obtained, it only took a while for developers to build a custom recovery (CWM/TWRP) for Samsung Galaxy S4. Until now custom recoveries are available almost on all device models, whether it’s unlocked or carrier-branded smartphones. We’re sure, with the availability of custom recovery, ROMs or mods development could be more crowded, from now we will have many choices to mods our smartphone.


You should know, every Android devices have a stock recovery, but it has limited functionality so we need to replace it with a custom/modified recovery. Custom recovery required to install/flash mods, ROMs, kernels, etc. into our devices. Indeed, to install some mods, we can do it manually as long as we have the root privileges, but most developers released mods in the zip package (*.zip), since it more effectively and reduces errors on end users.

There are many custom recovery available for Android devices, and the most popular one is the TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP). Here we explain how to easily install a custom recovery (TWRP) on Samsung Galaxy S4.

Via GooManager App (The easy way)

GooManager is an app that can help us to flash/install TWRP recovery, this method is an extremely easy, due to the fact that we don’t need the help of a PC to get it done, so it’s very newbie friendly. Make sure your phone has been rooted before setting up this app.

galaxy s4 goomanager

  1. Download GooManager from Play Store.
  2. Open the app, then hit the menu button and select OpenRecoveryScript. The app will search a recovery for your specific Galaxy S4 models.
  3. When TWRP has been available for your device, you’ll see your device code name.
  4. Then choose “Yes”, the GooManager will download the recovery file and handle the installation for you.


Using Odin flashable Tar file

Sometimes GooManager can not find a recovery that is suitable for your device, don’t be sad you can still try to visit TeamWin official site and search for it manually on supported device lists. If you have found the proper TWRP for your Galaxy S4, then you can install it with the aid of Odin.

galaxy s4 flash odin

  1. Get latest Odin3 for Windows PC.

  2. Download

  3. Find and get Odin Flashable Tar recovery for your specific phone.
  4. Open Odin3.exe, on Files [Download] section, hit the PDA button and find the tar file you’ve downloaded before.
  5. Finally, hit the Start button.


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