How to unlock bootloader using Motorola Unlocking Tool

Motorola has given an opportunity for Photon Q to be the first device which supported by Motorola Unlocking Tool, and may also be followed by some other Motorola devices, with unlocked bootloader you will be able to flash unsigned/custom software which is not officially made by Motorola, such as CyanogenMod, AOSP or custom ROMs, but you should consider before unlocking, your phone warranty is going to void.


You may need to be familiar with adb, fastboot or at least know how to install and utilize Windows command prompt. The process itself is simple enough but for those who want to know, here we provide with the step by step guide.

how to motorola unlock bootloader

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Here are some requirements you need to satisfy before performing unlock:

  1. Make sure your device has been supported by Moto Unlock Tool, check the list here.
  2. Download the latest Motorola device drivers, you can get it here for Win 32bit, and here for 64bit, then verify if your device has been detected on Windows Device Manager.
  3. Install the Android SDK and ensure adb.exe and fastboot.exe are in the folder ‘platform-tools’, for installation on Windows PC head to this tutorial.


After all the preparations above are fulfilled, now time to carry out the unlocking process.

  1. Run Windows CMD (Start> Accessories> Command Prompt) and change directory to the folder ‘platform-tools’ (on this guide we installed Android SDK on ‘D:\Android\android-sdk’), by typing the following command:
  2. cd /d D:\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools
  3. Before attempt to unlock bootloader, your phone should go into ‘AP Fastboot Flash Mode’. There are two ways to getting into this mode, first by turning off your phone and then turn it on by pressing three buttons simultaneously for a few seconds (volume up + volume down + power button) and scroll down to the ‘AP FastBoot’. You could also do it by using ADB, just type the command below, make sure the USB cable is connected and the phone turns on:
  4. adb reboot bootloader
  5. After going into ‘AP FastBoot Flash Mode’, in a state of USB cable connected then type the command as below:
    fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  6. Fastboot command will return your Motorola Device ID, following is an example result that you will get:
  7. INFO0A40040192024205#4C4D3556313230
    OKAY [0.297s]
    finished. total time: 0.297s
  8. You need to copy the first five lines, right click on CMD window and select Mark, mark all the five lines then right click again. Paste it in Notepad and remove the ‘INFO’ characters at the beginning of each line, after removing unused characters your Device ID should look like this:
  9. 0A40040192024205#4C4D355631323030373731363031303332323239#
  10. Back to unlock Motorola unlock site, enter your device ID to the ‘Verify Your Device Can Be Unlocked’, if your device is supported the ‘Request Unlock Key” will show up. Click the request button and unlock key will be sent to your email.
  11. Check your email inbox and find out UNIQUE_KEY, copy and save it in a safe place since you may need it someday.
  12. Back to Windows CMD, type the command below, you better copy and paste the unique keys to avoid errors:
  13. fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY
  14. When successful you will notice an unlocked bootloader warning don’t worry that’s normal, then your device will automatically reboot.
  15. Now it is time to flash any custom ROMs/kernels.


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