Dummies’ guide to unlock bootloader on HTC devices

HTC committed to providing satisfaction to their android devices users, such as allowing users to unlock their device’s bootloader. Unlocked bootloader usually required to install a custom recovery (CWM, TWRP, 4ext, etc.) and then use the modified recovery to flash a super user app in order to gain root access.


You should be aware that by unlocking bootloader your entire data kept in internal storage will be wiped, so backup all your important data, your warranty may also void, and if someday you want to repair your device HTC may charge for extra cost. Here we provide a beginner guide to unlock bootloader on HTC devices:

  1. Make sure your PC has installed HTC drivers and Android SDK, a guidelines can be found here.
  2. Go to “platform-tools” folder in the Android SDK installation make sure “adb.exe”, “fastboot.exe” and “AdbWinApi.dll” inside the folder, open a command window by pressing the shift key followed by mouse right-click in Windows Explorer, for more details see the image below:
  3. Command Window

    Open CMD

  4. Simply because it may remove entire internal storage data, make sure you backup all apps and data using MyBackup app or other apps, but it’s optional.
  5. Enter bootloader by turning off your phone first, then press and hold the vol down + power down, in few seconds you will get into the bootloader.
  6. Scroll down and select Fastboot, after getting into Fastboot mode connect your phone with your PC, so it goes into fastboot USB.
  7. To determine whether your device is connected properly to the PC, you could type following command in cmd, you should see your device serial number:
  8. fastboot devices

    fastboot devices

    Fastboot Connection Test

  9. The next step is generating your device identifier token, to do so type the following command:
  10. fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  11. After generating token, copy it just like image below, using right-click > Mark and then right-click again to copy token.
  12. htc unlock identifier token

    Generate Device Identifier Token

  13. Log in to HTCDev, on “Supported Devices” select your device, if your device isn’t listed there means your device isn’t officially supported yet, but you can still try to select “All Other Supported Models” and hit “Begin Unlock Bootloader”.
  14. HTCDev

    HTCDev.com Site

  15. Skip step 1 – 9 and go directly to step 10 and enter your token into “My Device Identifier Token” and press “Submit”. You will receive an email from the “HTC-Unlockbootloader[at]htc.com” with the subject “The key to unlocking your HTC Device”, download Unlock_code.bin that attached into the mail, and then copy it into the “platform-tools” folder.
  16. Return to the command window, type these command:
  17. fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin


    Flash Token

  18. On your phone, a disclaimer screen will show up, select “Yes” using vol up and power button to continue.
  19. htcdev unlock bootloader

    Image Credit: HTC

  20. Completed. Your device is now unlocked bootloader, just check into the bootloader and you will see an UNLOCKED banner there, just like the image below.
  21. unlocked bootloader

    Image Credit : HTC / Verizon



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