A Newbie’s Guide: How to update T-Mobile Galaxy Note to Jelly Bean (Custom ROM)

T-Mobile Galaxy Note (SGH-T879) has been getting an OTA update to ICS lately, but now you must be wondering whether this phone will get updates to Jelly Bean or not. In my opinion Samsung wouldn’t provide an official Android 4.1 update in the near future, if they does it, will likely take a while for T-Mobile to release it.


But don’t worry, if you want to experience a Jelly Bean (JB) update on your device, you can get it by flashing an unofficial custom ROMs/firmwares. Before flashing a custom ROM you need to install a custom recovery (CWM) via Odin. We also provide you with a newbies guide to update T-Mobile Galaxy Note with JB firmware:

Flash Custom Recovery (CWM) thru Odin and acquire Root Access

  1. Download Odin, CWM recovery, Superuser app here and extract it on your PC.
  2. Extract Package

  3. Install device drivers by installing Samsung KIES application, tend not to open this KIES due to the fact we just need the drivers.
  4. Turn off your cell phone, then press and hold voume down button + power button. You’ll get a warning, don’t worry it’s normal, just press volume up to continue. You will go into download mode.
  5. On your PC, open the files that were downloaded in step 1, then run “Odin3 v1.85.exe”.
  6. Connect your phone with USB cable. When it has been connected correctly, Odin’s “ID: COM” will show yellow background. Select the PDA button, and pick “CWM-Touch-T879-120414.tar.md5”. In Options area, ensure only Auto Reboot is chosen.
  7. To start out flashing process, press the Start button.
  8. Odin3 v1.85 Galaxy Note

    T-Mobile Galaxy Note Odin Flash

  9. Reboot your device, copy “Superuser-3.0.7-efghi-signed.zip” to your phone’s sdcard.
  10. When the phone is turn on, press and hold three keys together for a few seconds: vol up + vol down + power. Your phone will turn off and vibrate, keep press volume down button but release the power button. You should enter into CWM recovery.
  11. In CWM, select “apply update from sdcard”
  12. instal zip cwm

    CWM Instal zip from sdcard

  13. Then choose zip from sdcard” then look for “Superuser-3.0.7-efghi-signed.zip” that you copy in step 7. Then select Yes to begin the flash process. Once completed, Go back to the main menu and select reboot system now.
  14. cwm recovery

    CWM Choose zip from sdcard

  15. You should have root access now.


In case you are interested to flash custom Jelly Bean ROM you can continue to follow instructions below.

Flash Custom Android 4.1 ROM on T-Mobile Galaxy Note (SGH-T879)

  1. Since it will remove internal storage contents, don’t forget to backup all your apps + data using MyBackup app or Titanium Backup.
  2. Some Jelly Bean ROM developers encourage you to replace CWM with TWRP Touch recovery. To install it you can download (Zip Method) files here and move it to sdcard, then flash the zip with CWM recovery, as described on root step No.8 above.
  3. Download Jelly Bean custom ROM designed for T-Mo’s Galaxy Note.
  4. Enter into TWRP recovery, perform previous ROM backup by selecting “Backup” and then check System, Data and Boot > Swipe to backup.
  5. twrp custom Recovery

    TWRP Main Menu

  6. Back to main menu, select “Wipe” then do three wipes (factory reset, cache and Dalvik Cache).
  7. Back again to TWRP main menu, choose “Install” and then locate and choose a Jelly Bean ROM that has been saved in step 3 > Swipe to confirm flash.
  8. After flash the ROM wipe “Cache” once again, then Reboot your device.
  9. Jelly Bean for T-Mobile Galaxy Note

  10. Done, your Galaxy Note should boot Android Jelly Bean now.


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4 Responses

  1. rob
    December 22, 2012 at 11:18 AMReply

    can i do the custom rom with a mac computer

    • Fridza
      December 24, 2012 at 12:39 PMReply

      Nope, Odin need Windows OS.

  2. jose
    January 23, 2013 at 6:31 AMReply

    im having problems to get to download mode im pressing vol down and power but it doesn’t late get in ?

  3. jeri
    March 8, 2013 at 8:54 AMReply

    when i turn off the cell phone and press and hold the vol down + power button it only vibrates. i don’t get any warning or anything else.


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