Verizon LG G3 (VS985) Bloatware apps list – Safe to remove list

When your Verizon LG G3 turned on for the first time, you might find a lot of pre-installed apps on the app drawer, you might be familiar and have used a couple of apps, but you’ll find one or more apps that you do not know what it does. Many folks refered it as bloatware apps, since the majority of them are unwanted apps and just make the phone looks cluttered and fulfill the internal storage.


Although the VZW LG G3 (VS985) has a huge internal storage space – 32 GB, but the user accessible storage is undoubtedly smaller than that, and by getting rid of some of the bloatware apps will free up some space and you can use it to save other contents. Some bloatware apps even running background process, this might takes up CPU and RAM resources, although not significant.

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Not all pre-installed apps that you can find on a Verizon LG G3 can be classified as bloatware apps, some of which are still useful for you. An app that could be useful is the ISIS mobile wallet, it keeps virtual versions of many stuff your current wallet does, like your credit cards. This app makes use of NFC (Near Field Communication) on LG G3 to get in touch with the checkout terminal at any merchant that accepts ISIS, that’s over 200,000 merchants around the states.

verizon lg g3 bloatware lists

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Safe to remove VZW LG G3 bloatware apps list

Here are some pre-installed apps that you can remove, most of them are non-system app so it will not affect the performance of your smartphone. Almost all the apps you can disable, but you can also completely remove it when you have root access. But be sure to backup the target app first before you get rid of it.

  • Audible /
  • IMDb /
  • Kindle /
  • Mobile /
  • MP3 /
  • AppStore


Google Apps:
  • Google+ /
  • Music /
  • Newsstand /
  • Youtube /



  • Cloud / com.vcast.mediamanager
  • NFL Mobile /
  • Slacker /
  • VZ Support & Protection /
  • Visual Voice Mail / com.vzw.vvm.androidclient
  • VZ Navigator / com.vznavigator.Generic
  • VZ Tones /
  • VZ Messages / com.verizon.messaging.vzmsgs
  • ISIS Mobile Wallet / com.isis.mclient.verizon.activity
  • Caller Name ID
  • VZMobile


  • Facebook / com.facebook.katana
  • Twitter /

Listed above is temporary lists for Verizon LG G3 bloatware apps, we will update it as time goes and when we get feedback from other users.


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    I’ve spent countless hours researching different ways or any way period 2 root my Verizon Wireless LG G3 with marshmallow 6.0…. Nobody has a sure way or if they do they speak a different freaking language!, so irritating to see everybody else’s phone even all the New Orleans have all this root access availability and nobody’s got crap for my Verizon Wireless LG G3 on 6.0… Sure I see multiple Waze to root your G3 with lollipop but not the new version please help I’m going insane!!!

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