Volume booster mod for Samsung Galaxy S5, make it sound louder

For those who feel their Galaxy S5 volume is too low, there’s great news for you, now you can force your smartphone to sound louder, of course, according to the ability of the built-in speaker that is owned by this phone. Thanks to stalli0nUK from xda, who built mods to boost the volume of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the mods packed in recovery flashable zip, so you do not need to put in the mod manually. Before using the mods, be sure to have a custom recovery installed.


There are three versions of volume boost for Galaxy S5: v1 Lite, all sounds boosted by 4, this version gave an excellent boost to the stock level with no sound distortion. v2 Medium, the sounds boosted by 5 moderate level sound boost. The last is v3 Extra loud, the sounds boosted by 6 – extreme loud level not recommended since might lead to a crackle sound. There’s also mods to increase headphone volume that comes with Lite version of the mod.

  • A Samsung Galaxy S5 rooted with custom recovery installed, tested on SM-G900F models.
  • Download the recovery flashable volume boost mod from xda.
galaxy s5 sound boost mod

Image: Samsung

How to use Samsung Galaxy S5 volume booster mod

  1. To avoid unwanted things, perform an android backup with recovery.
  2. Put the mod you’ve downloaded before onto internal or external SD card.
  3. Boot into recovery mode (adb reboot recovery).
  4. Flash the mod (zip) which you want.
  5. Done.

If at any time you want to back to the stock sound configuration, just flash the restore-mod that is also provided by the dev.



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