How to: Allow more apps to run into LG V10 Dual Window mode

The latest LG flagship smartphone LG V10 has been released numerous features, one of which is an additional 0.2-inch screen that allows you to access notifications and other features easily without interrupting its 5.7-inches screen activity. Moreover, with its bigger screen, you not only able to do a single task, but you can do two jobs at the same time on a single screen, they called it a LG Dual Window, it is also available in the LG V10.


The Dual Window feature has long existed on the LG smartphone, this feature was made to compete with Samsung’s Multi Window feature that also has the same functionality. Although it provides much convenience for its users, unfortunately the LG V10 Dual Window can only be used for some apps, most of which is LG-owned apps or several Google Apps.

There are some reasons to restrict the feature functionality, might be to maintain the user experience, since not all Android apps, especially third-party apps are able to run in Dual Window mode. Indeed, although there are some apps that are not designed to run on Dual Window, can still be used in this mode without any issue. But there are also some apps when forced to run in this mode will cause considerable problems.

lg v10 allow more apps dual window

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However, there is an exception for those who already have root access on this phone, with superuser privileges you can force all apps to run into the LG V10 Dual Window mode. You can run any apps even if the apps is not listed, for example chatting with Hangouts while watching video on Youtube.
There are two methods that we can do, the easiest way is to install an app called Multi Window Mod or altering a system file. Here’s the overview of how to allow any apps to run on LG V10 Dual Window mode:

  1. Make sure the phone has root, however, not every V10 variants are rootable.
  2. Download and install Multi Window mod, you can get it from xda or buy the donate version from Play Store.
  3. Open the app and choose any apps you wish to run on Dual Mode.
  4. Reboot and you’re done.

Alternatively, you can change a system file located on system folder. However, it’s a little bit risky and you might end with bootloops when you it wrong, tested on T-Mobile LG V10 (H901):

  1. Install and open the Build prop editor app.
  2. Open it and change the listed value from false to true.
  3. Reboot and profit.


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