Easy How to: Galaxy S5 change fonts (incl. size) without root

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a brand new redesigned TouchWiz User Interface (UI), a lot of people are pleased with the new launcher. In addition to simpler launcher, the UI also allows us to access all of the features available on this smartphone quickly. Then, to help make your S5 be a little more artistic, you can try to change fonts on Galaxy S5, in addition we can also change the font size, this is very useful for those who have eye problems.


Samsung seems to give us the convenience to change fonts type or size on Galaxy S5, since only with the help of an app we can change the system fonts. It can’t be done by other devices from different manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola, Sony, etc. which requires root access to be able to change the system fonts, which not every user understand it.

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Best fonts changer apps for Galaxy S5 – no root required

By using an app listed below, we could change the Galaxy S5 fonts type and size, and the best thing is all the font changer apps are available in the Play Store for free. Here are some apps that you can try:

samsung galaxy s5 change font

Screenshot: HiFont

1. iFont (Expert of Fonts) by diyun.

The iFont let you to download then install hundreds of fonts, so you won’t get bored when looking at your smartphone. In addition, the app also lets you change the size of fonts, so you can make it smaller or bigger. Especially for Samsung devices, superuser privileges are no longer required, so the majority of us can use this app.

2. HiFont (Fonts For Android)

HiFont was created to put in gorgeous fonts on your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. It lets you download and make use of lots of fonts to beautify the Samsung TouchWiz UI. In addition to allowing you to download the available fonts, Hifont also support to your own custom fonts, exclusively.

Note from the developers: The apps require FlipFont library to work and most of the Samsung devices have it, but some carrier-branded Galaxy S5, like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint TMo, etc. doesn’t have it, if that’s the case then you need root access to be able to use these apps.

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