Samsung Galaxy S4: How to enable Multi Window for all apps

We all know Samsung Galaxy S4 come with a bunch of new features, including Air View, Air Gestures, S Health, Dual Camera and a lot more. Despite having many new features, but a very useful old features such as Multi-Window/Multi-View which was first introduced by the Galaxy Note II also available on this smartphone. This feature allows us to run two apps side by side on the screen, for example web browsing and video watching, the screen is split into two and we could also adjust the window space as you like.


Unfortunately, not all apps are supported by this feature, just like the previous devices, in Galaxy S4 Multi Window only works with several apps, most are pre-installed Samsung or Google apps including Gmail, Chrome, S Memo, Gallery and so on. So you will not be able to find any third-party apps downloaded from Play Store in Multi Window bar.

galaxy-s4-allow all apps multi window

Image: Samsung

But for those who already have root privileges, allow all apps to run on Galaxy S4 Multi Window mode isn’t very difficult. We just need to install an app from the market, without the need to modify the file system, which is quite challenging and unsafe for the newbie.

  1. Root access is badly required to make this happen, without it you can’t do anything, find out more.
  2. Get Samsung Multi Window Manager app from the Play Store and set it up. This app only works on Samsung Touchwiz/stock ROM, in case you are running custom ROMs (CyanogenMod, AOKP, etc.) This feature will not work. Tested on T-Mobile model, but should work on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon models too.
  3. Go to the app drawer, open an app titled MW Manager. You will see a list of apps, tap some of the apps you wish to be able to work with Multi Window.


Once done selecting, press Save and reboot. The apps that you have selected before will appear on Galaxy S4 Multi Window bar.


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