LG G Flex: Huge List of bloatware apps that are safe to delete or freeze

It’s not a mistake if the smartphone manufacturer as LG shipping its LG G Flex with lots of pre-installed apps or commonly labelled as bloatware apps, since in reality some of these apps are very useful to support the overall performance of the handset itself. But when it’s loaded with GBs of bloatware, we think it quite problematic, because some people usually do not want to see an icon from app that they never use.


Considering that the LG G Flex has no memory expansion (SD Card slot) and only has 32GB of internal storage with a user-accessible storage is undoubtedly smaller than that, so we should be wise to choose exactly what app to install.

If one day you check your LG G Flex’s memory storage and found that internal memory storage is used a lot, it could be caused by bloatware apps. The stock firmware/ROM file size of this phone is 1.9GB, and most are bloatware, that’s huge when compared to AOSP ROM that is less than 500MB.

LG G Flex: List of bloatware that are safe to delete

Listed below are the list of the bloatware apps (F340K) that won’t be risky when removed or frozen, if you really want to get rid of it, be sure you have a backup of the app.

complete list lg g flex bloatware

Image: LG

LGSystemSaver (Activates QuickView when QuickView case used)
Voice Mate (Siri-like app)
QVoice Engine (Voice Mate required this)
Answer Me 1.0 (Answers phone when put to ear)
Maluuba QVoice Interface
QVoice Speech Pack
App Updates
Camer Test
Favorite Contacts-Widget
Google Backup Transport
Goolge Play Books
Google Play Magazines
Google Play Movies & TV
Google Play Music
Key Chain
LG Backup
LG Intelligent Agent



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  1. Deanne johns
    November 5, 2016 at 12:58 PMReply

    My flex 2 came with apps, which one is it that lets you connect my laptop to my phone so the photos I take from phone installs on my laptop automatically?

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