Now you can replace the KingUser with SuperSU app by Chainfire

Kingroot app is a great yet easy one-click app that can help you to get SuperSU access in easily and quickly. Once managed to get root, the Kingroot will automatically install additional applications called KingUser. It’s a superuser management app, it has a similar function with the well-known SuperSU app by Chainfire. Because the app is less familiar, then many users who want to replace it with SuperSU.


But this effort is not easy, since SuperSU can not install its own su binaries over the Kingroot, most likely because KingUser prevent su binaries to be overwritten by set it to read-only. It is certainly not an easy thing to do for novice users.

But fortunately, there is a developer of xda -najoor, who managed to find a way to replace the KingUser with SuperSU with the aid of a computer and adb. It’s tested on the Amazon Fire Phone running KitKat (Fire OS 4.6.1).


  • Rooted device using Kingroot app.
  • USB Debugging enabled.
  • A computer and proper ADB files.
  • Download the KingUser replacement package ( from najoor’s thread on xda.

replace kinguser with supersu

The procedure for replacing KingUser with SuperSU quite complex, but not too difficult to do, with a patience and accuracy you might be able to solve it quickly. You can directly read the step by step how to get it done from najoor’s original thread on



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