Remove Power Saver notification on HTC device with Jelly Bean update (HTC Sense)

There is a new feature provided by HTC for their devices with Android Jelly Bean (HTC Sense) called power saver mode. This feature is useful for optimizing battery life, It cuts down on the usage of phone features that drain the battery such as the data connection, the CPU or display. How this feature works much like the Motorola Smartaction or JuiceDefender app.


Although the feature is pretty useful, in fact, not all users love it. This new feature is not the problem, but the notifications that displayed when the power saver feature is running could be a problem, this is very annoying for some, especially for those who like a simple and clean notification bar.

remove power saver notification

Image Credit: HTC
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Since almost all of the software mods can be done on Android, removes the annoying notification isn’t a hard work. Listed below are some methods that you can do if you wish to get rid of power saver notification on HTC devices with Sense Jelly Bean like the HTC One (M7), HTC One X+ and more.

  1. Disable app’s notification. Pull down the status bar and then long press power saver notification, an App info will show up and uncheck “Show notification”.
  2. Using free app. Get JMZ Power Saver Disabler from Google Play, this app will disable/enable those annoying notification. We need to achieve root before using this app.
  3. Freeze or even remove this feature. If both method doesn’t work, then the last step you could try is to freeze/remove “” app from your device using Titanium Backup. You need to understand that when freeze/remove this app then the Battery option on phone settings will disappear, so don’t forget to execute a backup.



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  1. Ductoman16
    July 16, 2013 at 7:09 AMReply

    This is not a new feature–I’ve had it on my HTC since Android 2.3, and it might have been around since before then.

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