Enable OK Google command on all launcher (TouchWiz, HTC Sense, LG, Motoblur, Xperia, etc)

Commonly, “OK Google” command can only be used when we tap into the Google search bar, but after the release of Android 4.4.2 KitKat and also Google Now launcher, everything becomes simpler now, we don’t need to touch the search bar again, just say “OK Google” hotword straight from the launcher and Google now will be ready to recognize any command you say.


Unfortunately, not all launcher support this feature, only Google Now launcher and a few OEM launcher like TouchWiz for Galaxy S5 can take the advantage of this feature. So for those of you who still using the OEM stock launcher like HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz (except Galaxy S5), LG launcher, Sony Xperia launcher, Motorola Motoblur launcher, or anything else, you need to switch to Google Now Launcher.

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If you’d prefer to use the stock launcher, but desire to be able to say “OK Google” directly from the OEM or third-party launcher (ADW, Nova, Apex, Go launcher, etc.), you can use an Xposed module called “OK Google for 3rd party launchers” by MohammadAG, a developer from xda. Here we provide the requirements and a brief guide to do it right.

  • An Android device running KitKat (4.4.2)
  • Working root (superuser) access.
  • The latest version of Xposed Framework apk from xposed.info.

enable ok google all launcher

Enable “OK Google” command for OEM Launcher (TouchWiz, HTC Sense, Xperia, LG, Motoblur, etc.)

  1. Install the downloaded apk.
  2. Run the new installed app called Xposed Installer, choose “Framework” option, then hit the Install/Update button.
  3. Reboot your device now.
  4. Once boots up, run the Xposed Installer again, select “Download” option, then search for “OK Google for 3rd party launchers” modules.
  5. As soon as the module successfully installed, back to the main menu, and select “Modules” option, now enable the module by check it.
  6. Reboot once again and start saying OK Google straight from your OEM launcher.
  7. The module also allows you to enable OK Google hotword on any apps you pick, just open the module app from app drawer to configure it.



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