Motorola Moto X: Display battery percentage indicator on status bar

Currently, the battery indicator on Android smartphones are not designed with a percentage indicator, so we have no idea exactly how much the battery remains. However, it sometimes makes us neglect to recharge the battery and eventually we will run out of battery power when the phone is being used, the worst situation may occur when you’re out of home and forgot to bring a charger .


Most Android device manufacturers don’t bring up battery percentage indicator on their User Interface, as far as we know only Samsung’s TouchWiz UI that has the option to display battery percentage. The new Motorola Moto X also doesn’t have the option to change the battery indicator.

battery percentage moto x

Fortunately we still have a chance to replace the battery indicator by simply installing an app. This replaces the default graphical battery indicator in Moto X with battery percentage, which makes us more aware of battery status . Here are a few short steps to do so, tested on Rogers Moto X, but would most likely work on Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint Moto X.

  1. Gaining root access, this is the main requirement to have, since we are going to install apps that require root access to be able to operate.
  2. Get Xposed Framework, this is an app that can easily modify system apps on our smartphones without having to flash via recovery, we can get the installer here on their repository site. Install then run , go to the Framework section then tap the Install/Update button.
  3. Grab MotoXposed module, this module is required to bring up the battery percentage on the Moto X, this module requires Xposed Framework. You can get it at Play Store at no cost.
  4. Now go back to Xposed Framework, go to the Modules section, from there find MotoXposed and check it.
  5. Restart our device twice to make sure the changes saved properly.
  6. battery percentage moto x

    Image: Motorola

  7. Open MotoXposed menu and get into the Status bar section and choose battery style, here you can change the standard graphical battery on Moto X with battery percentage indicator.



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