Motorola Moto X: Remove carrier label by using Xposed Framework

When you turn on a cell phone, most of you may notice a carrier label located in the left part of the status bar, it’s useful to find out which cellular network runs on our smartphone, and if you’re in the uncovered area or you just put the unacceptable SIM card, then the carrier label will change to No Services. The Moto X itself is currently available in the US with several well-known carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular.


For those of you who want the status bar looks clean, then you can remove the carrier label from your Moto X, so you could be more aware when there is a new notification pushed. Removal of the carrier label can be done easily by modifying system files that store the information.

Before you remove the carrier label on Moto X, the main requirement is root access. Due to the fact that we will install Xposed Framework app that requires root privileges to be able to modify the system files on our phones. Here are step by step how to remove the carrier label from the status bar:

  1. Install the latest version of Xposed Framework Installer, then open the application, go to the Framework section, tap the Install/Update button.
  2. Download MotoXposed modules from Google Play, install it then restart your device twice.
  3. Get into MotoXposed Framework, go to Modules section then find and activate the MotoXposed module by check it.

moto x remove carrier label

Image: Motorola

No need for further steps, once MotoXposed is activated it will eliminate the carrier label on the Moto X automatically. However, if you still notice a label on the status bar, try to jump into MotoXposed menu –> Status bar then activates an option to Hide label carrier.



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