LG G3 volume booster mod for speaker and headphone – make it louder

The LG G3 sports a 1 Watt rear speakers with 1.5W Boost Amp, so it’s supposed to provide a better audio quality that is not only louder, but also free of sound distortion or cracking noise. Based on tests performed by laptopmag, the LG G3’s sound volume is much louder than the Galaxy S5 or the HTC M8 with its BoomSound speakers. The G3 also comes with a LG QuadBeat 2 headsets, this is high-end earphones which able to delivering crisp and bassy audio quality. However, not all users are satisfied with the speaker or the headset volume on this smartphone, they want a louder and better audio.


By default, the maximum volume offered on this smartphone can’t be increased or reduced, you can’t find this option in the phone’s settings. But there is still hope for rooted users to boost headset and speaker volume on the LG G3 by modifying a system file that control the maximum volume on this phone. Since the file is located on the system partition, then we need superuser privileges to be able to edit it.

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We should thank to spidero from xda who found the LG G3 speakers and headphone mod, by simply using the file manager and text editor app we can easily try this mod. This mod tested on Internation models (D855) and T-Mobile (D851).

lg g3 volume booster mod

Image: LG

How to: LG G3 speaker and headset volume boost mod

Actually, this mod is not for novice users since there is a chance that your device will bootloop or stuck in the splash screen, before applying this mod make sure you know how to restore your phone back to stock. But you could also try to factory reset your phone (turning the device on while holding the volume down key), just in case you experience this issue.

  1. Open the File Manager app, then navigate to “/system/etc” folder.
  2. Then find a file titled “mixer_paths_qcwcn.xml” (for D855) or “mixer_paths.xml” (for D851), copy it into phone internal storage or sd card as a backup.
  3. Now you can revise the xml file above with the text editor app, you can find the proper value to change on this page.
  4. Save the edited xml file.
  5. Now change the file permission to “rw-r-r” or 644. This is important, might cause bootloop when you skip it.


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  1. cassie
    July 31, 2014 at 2:46 PMReply

    To all people buying the G3, take it from a g3 owner. You don’t get headphones with the phone. You get the phone and the charger in a phone box with a manual.

    • Greg
      September 5, 2014 at 2:39 AMReply

      UK LG G3 came with Charger, Manual and Headphones

    • Jack
      October 8, 2014 at 7:38 PMReply

      Australian LG G3 came with Charger, Manual and Headphones also.

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