All around LG G2 volume booster mod: speakers, headset and bluetooth

After using this smartphone for a long time, you’ve probably realized that the LG G2 volume is too low either through the main speakers, wired or bluetooth headsets. It could quite distressing for those who have poor hearing, it’s hard to recognize the sound out from the speakers or headset. Regrettably, we do not have an option to increase LG G2 volume more than the fixed volume settings.


However, there is still a chance for us to be able to boosts LG G2 speakers or headset volume by applying a volume mod by Robshr – a senior member from xda. The main requirement to be able to apply this mod is only custom recovery, since the mod was made in a flashable zip format to make it easier for you and to reduce issues caused when you mod it manually.

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The mod makes the sound that comes out of the main speakers, wired or bluetooth headset is very loud, the dev even mentioned that he is not responsible if the mod ruining your eardrums or speakers. If you set it too excessive, you might hear some distortion that would make the audio very uncomfortable to hear.

  • An LG G2 smartphone, tested on official KitKat OTA update.
  • Working custom recovery
  • Grab all around volume booster mod for LG G2 from Robshr thread on xda.
lg g2 speaker headset bluetooth volume boost

Image: LG

How to increase LG G2 speakers and headset volume

  1. To prevent bad issues take place, execute a full NANDroid backup with custom recovery.
  2. Place the mod zip you’ve saved before into your phone’s storage.
  3. Put your phone into recovery mode, there are two methods to achieve this. The first is to turn off your phone first, then press and hold Vol down + Power button, then press the power button three times. The easiest way is utilizing adb command (adb reboot recovery).
  4. Now, tap menu to install the zip file, point to the flashable mod, then flash it.
  5. Reboot and you will get a louder volume on the LG G2. The dev also encourages you to use ViPER4Android Audio Effects to make the sounds more excellent.



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  1. robshr
    September 3, 2014 at 2:38 AMReply

    I’ve made another Volume booster mod for the nexus 7 I figured I’d share it with you to add to you list of mods here’s the link –…..booster-t2841771

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