How to install and run NFL Mobile App on rooted Galaxy S4

For NFL football fans who have a Galaxy S4 definitely will get the NFL Mobile app from Play Store, you might even see this app already installed on your smartphone, as Verizon did on new released devices. With this app we can enjoy Live audio, NFL videos and game highlights, news and more. Even if you are a Premium subscriber you will get Live Video Coverage, NFL network access, RedZone, and even more.


However, the NFL Mobile app will not work on the Galaxy S4 with root access, when you run this app on rooted devices you’ll get an error message, “Sorry but NFL Mobile will not run on this device. An unmodified version of Android operating system is required.” then the app closed. Indirectly they force us to unroot our device and restore it to stock TouchWiz ROM.

galaxy s4 rooted nfl mobile apps

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Fortunately, rorytmeadows from xda has found a way to run NFL Mobile app on rooted Galaxy S4 by removing a value in build.prop file and rename the superuser app. It will disguise device root access. This mod reportedly works on stock TouchWiz ROM, not AOSP or CyanogenMod (CM) based ROM.

  1. If your phone has installed an NFL Mobile app, then uninstall it first.
  2. By utilizing a file manager app with root capability, head to /system/ folder, open build.prop file as text. Find “” line and remove all characters after “=” character.
  3. Now look at /system/apps/ folder, find superuser.apk then rename it to su.apk.
  4. Reboot the unit.
  5. Now get the latest version of the NFL Mobile from Google Play and start using it.


You should able to run NFL Mobile app on rooted Galaxy S4 now, remember to pay to become Premium subscribers and enjoy the NFC live streaming video. If you also have a Galaxy S3, this mod can also be applied to your smartphone.


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