Install Motorola Camera and Gallery on Custom ROM like CM12/12.1

Moto Gallery and Camera is the default app on several Motorola smartphones, including the Verizon Droid Turbo. These apps have a quite complete features, starting from HDR to slow-motion mode, many Moto users are satisfied with the quality of pictures taken with this app, it’s managed to get 4 stars review on Google Play.


As a complement to the camera app, you can also make use of the Moto Gallery, it’s materialized app with the Highlight-Reel feature. Sad to say, Motorola Camera and Gallery can’t be used for unofficial firmware such as CyanogenMod ROM or CM12.1 Lollipop.

These apps may require various dependencies that only available on Moto stock ROM, which won’t be found in the custom ROM, except ROM based on official firmware. These apps are indeed available in the Google Play Store, and could also install it, but the app will refuse to run or you might get a force closes.

moto app gallery cm12 cyanogenmod

Device Image and Icon: Motorola

To make the Motorola Camera and Gallery properly installed in CM12 ROM, a senior member of Xda – Jaocagomez, he has bundled the apps and its dependencies into a flashable zip files that you can install via custom recovery like TWRP. So to be able to use it, you had to have TWRP recovery and root access.


Here is the brief guide on how to undertake it:

  1. Make sure the phone is rooted.
  2. Download the flashable Motorola Camera and Gallery from Jaocagomez’s thread on xda. For those who only need the APK files you can extract it.
  3. Move the package into phone storage.
  4. Reboot into recovery mode, you can achieve this via adb or the advanced reboot menu.
  5. And flash it via install menu.


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