Easily install Google Play Store on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 (4th Gen – 2014)

Amazon released its 4th Gen of Kindle tablets in Q4 last year, and the Kindle Fire HD 7 and 6 is the most wanted device as it comes with great specs at a very affordable price, $99 for the 6-inch and $139 for the 7-inch. Both have the same specifications, only the screen size is different. Considering it released exclusively for Amazon, just like the Fire Phone, you won’t find any Google apps, including the Play Store installed on the Kindle Fire HD 4th Gen (2014), Amazon replaces it with their own App Store.


Although Amazon Apps Store offers free paid app every day, but not everyone like it, since Google Play Store has huge apps and games collection. That’s why many people are trying to find out how to install the Google Play Store to the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7/6 (4th Gen 2014).

Fortunately, we have many talented Android developers like JMZ, a recognized developer from XDA who build a utility which helps us to install Google Apps including the Play Store to this tablet device. The tool called JMZ Fire HD 7, the name indicates that this tool originally designed for the 7-inch version of KFHD, but it should also work on the 6-inch version or even Fire HDX 8.9 4th Gen, since it only utilizes a common mount command to moves the apks to the system, sets permissions and reboot.

kindle fire hd 2014 google play install

Image: @jmz from xda

However, to be able to use this JMZ tool, the main requirement is root access. As we’ve mentioned earlier, this utility will install the Google apps inside the system partition and sets permissions on those, and it needs superuser access. If you are interested, just head to the JMZ thread over xda-developers to download the utility.



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