How to remove ‘development purpose’ red text from HTC One Max

Although HTC has provided an opportunity for android enthusiast to unlock its bootloader via HTCDev, but apparently HTC still wouldn’t like its users do it. It can be seen from the removal of fingerprint features as well as the red text that says “This build is for development purposes only …” shortly after your bootloader unlocked. The red text is can be seen on the HTC One Max splash screen upon rebooting. With this, HTC hopes that HTCDev in reality utilized by developers rather than by end users so that they might think twice before doing so.


However, this trick does not seem to be able to dampen the android enthusiasts to mods their device, including those who just do it for fun. Remove the “development purposes” red text splash screen could be done because the S-OFF has been successfully achieved using rumrunner. A senior member from xda (santod040) has been successfully modified the stock hboot, He only removes the red text from hboot, nothing more. He tested the modified hboot on Verizon HTC One Max, but he will also develop a modified hboot for Sprint and Intl. variants.

vzw htc one max red-text splash screen

Image: santod040 @xda developers

The main requirement to be able to remove red text on the HTC One Max is S-OFF which has been successfully gained with rumrunner. Do not ever execute it on a device with S-ON or it would fail.

  1. Setup fastboot/ADB on your computer.
  2. Download the flashable hboot in zip format from the dev’s thread, and move it to fastboot folder.
  3. Set your device into fastboot mode, (Vol Down + Power button then choose FASTBOOT).
  4. Connect your device into a computer using USB.
  5. Open a CMD window from fastboot folder.
  6. To flash a zip file via fastboot, put your device into RUU mode:
    fastboot oem rebootRUU
  7. Now flash the modified hboot file, change the zip file name with yours:
    fastboot flash zip
  8. After successful now reboot into the bootloader:
    fastboot reboot-bootloader

Now the “This build is for development purposes only…” text will disappear from HTC One Max. If there are any questions and problems you can directly ask the dev on xda-forums.



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