LG G2: remove Brightness and Volume slider from status bar dropdown

LG G2 is the LG’s new flagship phone, not only built with superior hardware specs like a Quad-core processor, this device also loaded with the new LG User Interface. The presence of the new UI is certainly bringing some new features including the most well-known feature ‘Knock on’, which allows us to turn on the display by tapping the screen twice, maybe you think this isn’t a revolutionary feature, but we think all devices with touchscreen should have this basic feature.


The new LG UI also provides an easy access to several features by simply scroll down the status bar, from there you will see a lot of control keys like Qslide apps list, brightness and volume slider. You might agree with us that the status bar dropdown is little bit cluttered, the brightness and volume sliders should not be there, we need to get rid of it from the notification bar to make it look nice.

lg g2 brightness volume slider remove

There are no options for us to take out the brightness and volume slider from LG G2 status bar dropdown, only Qslide apps list that can be removed from there with a trick explained here. Fortunately there is a developer from xda who managed to build an xposed module called G2 Xposed, which allows us to do several UI customization such as removing LG G2 brightness and volume slider from the status bar drop down. Here are some easy steps to do so:

  1. To be able to perform these mods, the main requirement is our LG G2 has a working root access, to get it isn’t very difficult, by simply running the one click root tool.
  2. Go to xposed framework repository site, then download the xposed framework installer.
  3. Install then open the Xposed Installer app from app drawer. Go to the Framework section and tap on ‘Install/Update’ button, and reboot.
  4. Open Google Play Store, search for G2 Xposed then download it.
  5. Open Xposed Installer again, go to Module section and look for ‘Xposed LG G2’ and check it to activate the module.
  6. Still in module section, click the Xposed LG G2 module to launch the module settings.
  7. Scroll down to ‘Status bar dropdown modifications’, from there you can remove LG G2 brightness and volume slider.
  8. Reboot again and profit.



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