How to make Google Wallet work on HTC One

Google Wallet seems to be more popular at the moment, it can be seen from the enthusiasm of Android phone users who wish to use the service even their device or carrier still not support it. Furthermore, it also happens to HTC One users, although its new-released smartphone and has not been supported by the official Wallet app, but they’re still looking for a way to make it work.


Problems are in the Wallet app that’s available on Play Store, which hasn’t been updated to support HTC One, I’m sure in the near future Google will update the app to support the One, especially for those who have Sprint variant. And in case you have another One model (AT&T or T-Mobile), to make the Wallet app working requires additional effort, since this app has been blocked by your carrier.

htc one install google wallet

The following are the steps to install Google Wallet on the HTC One using Xposed Framework, tested on Sprint models. This mod will eradicate region and root checks from Wallet app.

  1. Rooted devices are the primary requirements in order to set up the wallet app.
  2. Grab Xposed installer, flashable fix, and Modaco Toolkit from Paul’s thread here. Install Xposed first, open it then tap “Install/Update” button.
  3. Due to the fact that HTC One has a system read/write protection, then this step is necessary to make Xposed framework work perfectly. Get the fix in flashable zip, then copy it into phone’s internal storage.
  4. Boot into recovery mode, choose Install zip from SD card options, point to where you save the flashable fix then flash it, ends with a reboot.
  5. After successfully boot up, install Modaco Toolkit. Enable the Toolkit in Xposed Settings.
  6. Open play store and install Wallet app from Play Store.
  7. Open Modaco Toolkit app, then enable – “Google: Disable Wallet checks” mod.


Now you should have Google Wallet app installed on HTC One, open it and try to add a credit card. For those who have AT&T or T-Mobile variant and unable to use Wallet, then it is time for you try the Isis Mobile Wallet, which is fully supported by your carrier.


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