Enable Download booster on Samsung Galaxy S5 (Sprint, VZW and AT&T)

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a new feature that can help those who often use their smartphones to download large files, it’s called download booster. This feature allows us to use two data connection (Wi-Fi and 4G LTE) simultaneously, which would speed up the download speed. Sadly, some carrier-branded Galaxy S5 like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T disabled the download booster feature, only AT&T who given a statement that they are currently testing this feature, so it is likely they will release it via OTA update.


Actually, the download booster feature is not completely taken out from the Samsung Galaxy S5, but it’s concealed. Based on the statement from several members on xda forums, we can reveal the booster download option and then switch it on.

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Update: When trying to download a file (more than 30MB), the phone only uses the Wi-Fi connection, so actually this feature cannot do the job properly.

However, if you really want to enable the download booster on your Galaxy S5 (VZW, Sprint and AT&T), then you can read the guide listed below. Keep in mind, as we said before, it only turns on the feature, but actually it does not work for now.

enable download booster galaxy s5 vzw sprint at&t

Screenshoot: XDA

  1. Download third party launcher, in this guide, we make use of a Nova launcher since it’s free.
  2. Once Nova installed, activate it as your default launcher.
  3. Tap and hold on an empty Home screen area, “Add to Home screen” menu will show up, then tap Shortcuts option.
  4. On “Choose shortcut” menu, choose Activities option.
  5. Next, tap Settings, then choose Download booster.
  6. The Download booster shortcut now accessible on the Home screen.
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We will continue to follow developments in relation to activating download booster features on VZW, Sprint and AT&T Galaxy S5. We will let you know when a method available.



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