How to: Enable Split Windows feature on LG G2

Maybe you just found out that only Samsung devices that can run two applications at the same screen, which known as Multi Window. Actually the previous LG device also has a similar feature that called Qslide which allows us to run multiple applications at the same time. But this time, along with the introduction of its new flagship phone – LG G Flex, they’ve unveiled a new multi-tasking feature called Split Windows. Thanks to bigfau from xda, who ported the G Flex Split Windows for LG G2.


Split Windows is a new LG UI feature that made for the G Flex, and can’t be used on other devices due to the framework. However, these difficulties can be solved by a talented dev from xda, so that now we can use the Split Windows or often known as Split Screen on LG G2. The dev build the mod in a recovery flashable zip, it makes us easier to put on our device. Tested and reportedly working on several LG G2 variants including Verizon (VS980), AT&T (D800), Sprint (LS980), etc.

g flex split window for lg-g2

Image: BlackDino @xda

Before flashing the mod make sure you disable the Xposed framework modules, since some users reported that they got a bootloop after installing this mod. The dev has said that there are some Xposed modules that aren’t compatible with the mod.


  1. A smartphone with superuser access, or in other words your device has been rooted.
  2. Already have a custom recovery installed, TWRP or CWM.
  3. Get the flashable zip from the dev thread here.

Enable Split Windows feature on LG G2 and allow all apps to run on that mode

Don’t forget to perform a full backup via recovery before flash the mod, just in case when got bootloop.

  1. Disable any xposed framework modules: G2 Xposed, GravityBox, etc.
  2. Save the mod file you’ve downloaded into your phone.
  3. Boot into recovery mode.
  4. Flash the zip.
  5. Reboot.
  6. Profit, now initiate the Split Windows by holding the back button for about a second.

For those who still want to use Split Windows along with the Xposed G2, the dev encourages you to download the beta version that works with the mod, the download link can be found in the dev’s thread on xda.



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