How to change the default font in HTC One (M7)

Based on several reviews the new HTC One is a good looking device, not only equipped with a powerful hardware but also wrapped with full metal body that looks solid and elegant. Additionally this phone runs the latest HTC Sense 5.0 which makes the User Interface (UI) more beautiful compared to the previous version.


Luckily the phone is designed to operate with Android OS, so that we are able to modify the UI in order to make it looks more attractive to all of us. For example, we can change the default battery icon with percentage indicator or if you are bored with the default HTC One fonts, you can replace it with other fonts. By default there’s no options to change font on Android, however with some steps we are able to put any font.

htc one m7 change default fonts

Screenshot: v-b-n@xda-developers

Here are simple steps that you need to do if you wish to change the default fonts on HTC One:

  1. Since we will replace fonts that are located on the system partition, then we need to achieve root access, so that we can erase and write to the system partition, the root guide can be read here.
  2. Another requirement that must be fulfilled is custom recovery, which helps us to change fonts automatically and quickly. Tested with TWRP recovery, but it might also work with CWM recovery.
  3. If each of the above requirements have been satisfied, then you can choose some flashable fonts (in .zip format) that you prefer here on xda, and then save it and move it into your smartphone.
  4. Turn off your phone, then turn it on by pressing the vol down together with the power button, and you will enter into bootloader mode, from there select RECOVERY options.
  5. After entering TWRP/CWM, tap install zip from sdcard, point to where you save fonts file (zip).


Reboot and you will notice a new fonts on HTC Sense 5.0 UI. Carry out the same steps to try other fonts or return to the stock HTC fonts (DroidSerif/Roboto).


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  1. girlgeek
    August 13, 2014 at 11:51 AMReply

    Hey you can change htc font its easy I did it try this download super toolbox free software than try to download will appear the download is unsuccessful but its not you will wonder were they went.go to supper toolbox their look in app install there in there!! Click on yes you want to install than it will tell you go into settings and allow Third-party apps once you do it your fonts will be in settings under display! !!!!!!

  2. AKL
    August 16, 2014 at 2:09 AMReply

    I got my m7 some three months ago and loved the colors, font, etc. A week ago, not knowing much about phones, I clicked ok to a software update. The colors have changed, the font has changed and I’m very upset. How do I change it back to the original colors and font?. Thanks

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