Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-i537): Remove bloatware/preloaded apps

After purchasing then experimented with the AT&T Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-i537) you might discover a few preinstalled/bloatware apps on the app drawer, which most of you’ll need it for example myAT&T, which is pretty useful to see the voice and data usage, billing and so on. However, you will also find some other apps that aren’t effective and take internal storage space, some of them even running background process that makes your battery run out quickly.

You should know, this smartphone only has 16GB internal storage that can be said limited, but that was before filling with the Android OS and preloaded/bloatware apps, so user-accessible storage on the Galaxy S4 Active is no more than 60% of the 16GB. It certainly makes users think twice before installing massive games for instance Modern Combat 4 which uses about 2GB of space, we cannot keep it in the external SD card due to our smartphones firmware limitation.


If you want to free up some storage space, then you can read the guide to remove bloatware/preloaded apps from AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-i537) described in a few easy steps below:

  1. Most of the preloaded apps are system apps that are stored in the system partition, so we can not uninstall it via Settings. To delete any files stored on the system partition we need root access, fortunately we’ve been able to get it easily, read the guidelines here.
  2. To delete preinstalled apps we can utilize a file manager app with root capability (such as ES Explorer or Root Browser) from Play Store, after that we can go to “system/app” folder to find the apps that we plan to remove.
  3. We can also use a tool similar to Titanium Backup or ROM Manager to remove and backup it in one click.

galaxy s4 active remove preinstalled bloatware apps

Image: Samsung

Here are some bloatware/preloaded apps on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active that are safe to remove/freeze:

AT&T Address Book,
–//– Navigator®,
–//– FamilyMap®,
–//– Hotspots,
–//– Mobile TV®,
–//– Smart Wi-Fi,
–//– Messages,
–//– Drive Mode,
–//– Locker™

Other files will be added soon, but make sure you have a working backup file before removing any files.



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