Galaxy S4 Active: enable all apps for Multi Window

The AT&T Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-i537) has the same features as the original version, the most eye-catching difference is in the hardware and design, the S4 Active is water and dust-resistant also IP67 certified device. Both are equipped with a very helpful features such as the Multi Window, which is able to display two running apps in a single screen, so you can perform multiple tasks at the same time, such as reading email while typing a text message.

Although it’s a long existed features, but there’s no major change in these features, and up to now we can only make use of multi window in limited apps, such as Browser, Maps, Gmail, Email, Messaging, etc. Fortunately there is a mod allowing us to use any apps on Multi Window mode by performing a few easy steps that will be explained later.


For those of you who are interested to enable all apps to use Multi-Window feature on the Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-i537) you need to root your phone first, luckily root privileges have been successfully obtained using a quite simple root method. After making sure root access is working properly, you can continue to complete the following steps:

  1. Get Xposed installer (XposedInstaller_2.1.4.apk) from xda. This app will install Xposed framework by rovo89, this framework allows us to perform a mod without flashing the zip via recovery, so it is very useful for newbie or devices that don’t have a custom recovery.
  2. Get xMulti Window Mod (XposedMultiWindow.apk) here, this is a module that allows us to use all the apps on Multi Window mode.
  3. galaxy s4 active all apps multi window

    Image: Samsung/AT&T
    Screenshot: rovo89@xda

  4. Install the XposedInstaller.apk, then open it then tap “Install/Update” button. After that restart the device by hitting the Reboot button.
  5. Once booted up, now open Xposed installer again and select the Modules tab and check “xMulti Window Mod”. Then back to the Framework tab and hit the reboot button again to restart.


Your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active can run all apps on Multi Window mode now, just slide the Multi-Window bar and tap Edit then you can choose any apps on your phone.


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