Easily Fix Xposed Framework version 3.0 installation on Nexus 6

Xposed Framework for Android 5.0+ has been released, although it is still in alpha stage, there are many folks interested to give it a try, most likely due to the increasing number of devices running Android OS Lollipop, either official OS from the manufacturer or aftermarket firmware like CyanogenMod 12 (CM12). However, because of the Xposed version 3.0 is still in alpha release not all devices can install out of the box, including the Nexus 6 the which is sold with Lollipop OS.


After performing the installation procedure, the Xposed Framework was not installed and the modules did not work. After several trials, the root cause of the problem as a result of SELinux kernel. The Xposed framework requires SELinux configured to permissive while the default Nexus 6 kernel sets it to enforcing. So it takes a few extra steps in order to make it work on Nexus 6.

Fortunately, this device has an active development and it’s supported by a lot of experienced users. It does not require a long time for this smartphone to be able to fix the problems. Currently there are several methods that you can implement, we can’t suggest which is the best method for you since the result may vary on different ROMs.

fix install xposed nexus 6

All methods seem easy to follow, but here we provide a working method (at least for us), but it doesn’t mean also work on your device.

  1. Follow the Xposed Framework 3.0 installation.
  2. Download this script made by my95z34 from Xda, extract it and put on the root of your SD card.
  3. Install the terminal emulator app from Google Play Store.
  4. Open terminal app, then run the following commands:
    cd /sdcard/
    sh initd.sh
  5. Reboot and Xposed should be working now. If it did not work for you, you can look at other methods on bmg1001’s thread on xda.



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