Fix Samsung S Health and Private Mode incompatibility with Xposed Framework

A year ago Samsung Mobile unveiled a new app called S Health as well as Private Mode feature on their device. The S Health is a personal health-management app while the Private Mode is a built-in feature to prevent others reaching our contents like videos, images and documents, which stored in the internal storage. Samsung S Health is a very useful feature, but some Android enthusiasts are unable to make use of it since it isn’t compatible with Xposed Framework.


When Xposed framework installed, the Samsung S Health will stop working, there is a temporary solution is to disable secure storage in build.prop which we have explained previously.

But what about those who want to use the S Health and Private Mode together? Luckily, because there has been an Xposed module called XSecureStorage. The XSecureStorage developed by an xda users – wanam, the man behind Wanam Xposed module which is quite famous among Samsung users.

fix xposed s health private mode

Image: Samsung

The module will bypass the secure storage checks on S Health and Private mode services, and allow you to run the S Health and turn on Private Mode. Of course, it’s need root access with xposed framework installed.

The module installation is same as the others, but for those who have never installed an Xposed module previously, here we provide the quick instruction:

  1. Acquire root privileges on your device.
  2. Install Xposed Framework Installer app from its repo site, reboot.
  3. Open Xposed app, go to download section and search for XSecureStorage and install it.
  4. Now take a look at the Module section in Xposed and enable the module, give it another reboot.

However, If you fail to get Private mode working, you need to return to a stock firmware and backup your private files, repeat the Xposed and installations, after that remove “/data/system/users/privatemode_edk_1000”.


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