How to: Enable LG G2 call recording by flashing custom ROM

Call recording is not an important feature for a smartphone, most likely because not every person needs it and seem to be useless, so phone manufacturers tend not to include this feature in their devices. But there are some people who still need a call recorder feature in their smartphones for a variety of purpose, and this feature can be obtained by installing third party app. Unfortunately, not a single call recording app on Google Play Store worked nicely with the new LG G2.


In case you really need a call recording feature on LG G2, it seems you have to install a custom ROMs that come with call recorder feature installed, considering that until now there’s no call recording app that work well with the LG G2. So far the custom ROM that has this feature is AEON v2, which based on F320K firmware (a Korean variant of the LG G2). In addition to call recording features, the AEON ROM also has additional features such as: rooted, deodexed, zipaligned, smaller navigation buttons , etc.

lg g2 call recording

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Here are the simple step on how to get a call recording on the AT&T LG G2 (D800) with AEON v2 ROM by bigfau – a recognized developer from xda. Before you do something, it’s advised to execute a full backup via custom recovery.

  1. Grab the latest version of the AEON ROM from the dev ‘s thread, the file size is quite large (around 1.3 GB).
  2. Move the zip file you’ve downloaded before into phone storage.
  3. Boot into custom recovery (TWRP), and do a factory reset ( Wipe -> Factory Reset).
  4. Flash the zip packaged by AEON v2 ROM by tapping the Install button on the TWRP main menu.
  5. Reboot and profit.


Now try to make a call, you will notice an option to record the call conversation on your LG G2.


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