Add more apps to LG G3 Dual Window / Split Screen with Multi Window Mod

As the latest LG’s flagship smartphone, the LG G3 should look great and different from the another phones out there. In addition to the amazing hardware, this smartphone’s features should provide something different and more helpful for its users. Some of the major features available on LG Smart G3 is the resizeable Smart keyboard, the Smart Notice that makes your life simpler and more effective, and the last one is the LG Health that manages your physical fitness and achieve your wellness targets. But there is one great feature which is overlooked on the LG G3, the Split Screen or Dual Window.


The LG G3 Dual Window feature (also called as Split Screen, Multi Window or Split View) will divide the screen into two sections for useful multi-tasking on the wide display. The LG Split Screen feature was first released on the LG G Flex and unofficially ported to the LG G2. This is a cool feature, but unfortunately, only a few apps that could be run in a multi-window mode such as Email, Google Chrome, Messaging, Maps, Gmail, and several others.

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However, specifically for those of you who already have root access, you have a chance to add more apps to the LG G3 Dual Window / Split Screen feature with the help of an app called Multi Window Mod. This app was originally created by a member from xda – XabdullahX for LG G Flex, but unexpectedly it also works on the LG G3 smartphone. It should work on almost all models (Verizon, Sprint, AT & T, T-Mobile, International, etc.).

  • LG G3 smartphone with root access.
  • A Multi Window Mod app from Play Store (Donate version) or via dev’s thread on xda (Free).
lg g3 split window screen mod

Image: LG

Add more apps to LG G3 Split Screen/Dual Window feature

Not all of the app will look good when on a split view, for example a huge game. Force it to run on Dual Window might result in hanging or force closes.

  1. Once you install the Multi Window Mod app, then open it.
  2. A new superuser request will be popped, just grant or allow it.
  3. You will see a list of apps that are already installed on your smartphone.
  4. Just select one or more apps you want to run on Dual Window mode, once finished hit Apply.
  5. Now you can try to bring the app that previously disabled to split screen mode.


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