Easily Remove bloatware apps from LG G5, including the Verizon and AT&T variants

LG released its new flagship, the LG G5 with the newest and impressive hardware, Snapdragon 820 chipset with 2.16GHz Quad-core Kyro CPU and 4GB of RAM, with the hardware specs like this, all your tasks will be performed smoothly. From the software side, the phone also pre-loaded with Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) which is the latest stable Android OS at this time. However, just like the other LG devices, the LG G5 also comes with pre-installed or bloatware apps that developed by LG or the other third-party developers. The amount of bloatware apps will be increased if you buy a carrier-branded device from Verizon (VS987) or AT&T (H820).


The LG G5 has quite a lot of bloatware, you might not realized that it will influence the phone overall performance, battery life and the storage space. This phone comes with 32GB of internal storage, but the user accessible space is less, as it is used for the Android OS and the pre-installed apps, and over time the free space will be decreased quickly. Although it’s not use an excessive amount of resource, some bloatware app has a background process that also eat the CPU and RAM resources, which often also affect the battery life. We all know that the phone battery capacity is not too large, only 2800 mAh.

As we mentioned earlier, the amount of bloatware on the LG G5 could be increased if you get the device from wireless carriers. In the US, there are two major carriers that are always given a good amount of additional bloatware apps on the device they have released, they are Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless. If you are one of the users, and felt that the pre-loaded apps excessive, then you have the option to remove the bloatware apps from LG G5, even without root access.

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To disable bloatware apps on LG G5, including in the AT&T (H820) and Verizon (VS987) variants, you do not need any special privileges like root access, unless you want to completely remove it from the phone. To disable it the old-fashioned way, you can go to Settings > Apps then choose the app you want to disable. But unfortunately, not all apps have the option to disable.

Fortunately, this time there is a free and easy way to remove or disable bloatware from LG G5 by using a Debloater desktop app. It’s developed by an XDA member – @Gatesjunior and runs on Windows or Mac OS X computer.


Following is the overview on how making use of it:

  1. First of all, set up the USB drivers for LG G5.
  2. Connect the device to the computer via USB and make sure it recognized by your computer.
  3. Download the stable version of the Debloater desktop app.
  4. Run the Debloater app on the computer.
  5. Ensure the Debloater app find your phone, take a look at Phone State.
  6. Press the “Read Phone Package” button and start choosing apps to disable.

Safe to remove bloatware apps list from LG G5, including Verizon and AT&T variants.

Here are some of the bloatware apps that you can consider to be removed or disabled:

Developers App Name / Package Name
LG Direc TV – com.directv.dvrscheduler
Account – com.lge.lgaccount
Action Manager – com.lge.mrg.service
Air Drive – com.lge.remote.lgairdrive
Alarm Clock – com.lge.clock
Backup – com.lge.bnr
Browser – com.android.browser
Calendar – com.android.calendar
Concierge Board – com.lge.concierge
EasyHome.apk – com.lge.easyhome
Easy Settings – com.lge.settings.easy
Email – com.lge.email
Exchange – com.lge.exchange
Favorite Contacts Widget – com.lge.sizechangable.favoritecontacts
File Manager – com.lge.filemanager
Home Launcher – com.lge.launcher2
Music – com.lge.music
Music Share – com.lge.musicshare
Music Widget – com.lge.sizechangable.musicwidget.widget
My Guide– com.lge.doyouknow
My Places Engine – com.lge.myplace.engine
My Places Settings – com.lge.myplace
My Wellness – com.lge.lifetracker
QMemo plus – com.lge.qmemoplus
QRemote – com.lge.qremote
Search Widget Provider – com.lge.appwidget.lgsearch
Startup Wizard – com.android.LGSetupWizard
Tasks Provider – com.lge.task
Voice Command – com.lge.voicecommand
Voice Command Service – com.lge.mtalk.voicecommand
Voice Recorder – com.lge.voicerecorder
Weather – com.lge.sizechangable.weather
Weather Service – com.lge.sizechangable.weather.platform
Weather Theme – com.lge.sizechangable.weather.theme.optimus
Optimus Theme Launcher – com.lge.launcher2.theme.optimus
DriveActivator.apk – com.lge.drive.activator
GCUV.apk – com.lge.gcuv
ShortcutUsageManager.apk – com.lge.settings.shortcut
Visual Voice Mail – com.lge.vvm
AT&T Wireless DirecTV – com.directv.dvrscheduler
DriveMode – com.drivemode
FamilyMap – com.wavemarket.waplauncher
HotSpots – com.matchboxmobile.wisp
Mobile Transfer – com.att.mobiletransfer
Navigator – com.telenav.app.android.cingular
Protect Plus – com.asurion.android.mobilerecovery.att
Ready2Go – com.synchronoss.dcs.att.r2g
Remote Support – net.aetherpal.device
Smart Limits – com.locationlabs.cni.att
Smart WiFi – com.att.android.attsmartwifi
MyATT – com.att.myWireless
Verizon Wireless My Verizon Mobile – com.vzw.hss.myverizon
Verizon Cloud – com.vcast.mediamanager
VZ Support & Protection – com.asurion.android.verizon.vms
Visual Voice Mail – com.vzw.vvm.androidclient
VZ Navigator – com.vznavigator.Generic
VZ Messages – com.verizon.messaging.vzmsgs
Verizon FamilyBase – com.verizon.familybase.parent
Google Android For Work – com.google.androidforwork
Setup Wizard – com.google.android.setupwizard
Lookout – com.lookout
Android Music – com.google.android.music
Android Videos – com.google.android.videos
Google Photos – com.google.android.apps.photos
Google Keyboard – com.google.android.inputmethod.latin
Android Face Lock – com.android.facelock
Other 3rd Developer Amazon Kindle – com.amazon.kindle
Amazon Shopping – com.amazon.mShop.android
Caller Name ID – com.cequint.ecid
Family Utility – com.locationlabs.sparkle.blue
Mobile TV – com.mobitv.client.tv
Plenti – com.americanexpress.plenti
Yellow Pages – com.yellowpages.android.ypmobile

Before the make an attempt to remove the bloatware, there are several things you need to consider, not all the pre-installed apps are not useful for your device, some of them can also help you to help your daily activities, such as MyAT&T and My Verizon Mobile that can help you to get the latest details about your wireless accounts.


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