How to disable automatic OTA on LG G4, including several US variants

Most LG G4 users should pretty excited as they’ve been able to get the root, this special privilege has been eagerly awaited by many people especially by geek users. With root access, they can get their phone’s true potential and get the most out of it. Once rooted you can do several things, like removing bloatware, unlimited tethering (mainly for carrier-branded devices), full apps/data backup and restore, and some other fun stuff. If you are very relying on the root access, it’s advised to disable OTA update on LG G4 which sometimes downloads automatically.


As we know, the current G4 method by Team Codefire has been tested and working on the current software version of the device. It’s reportedly working on software version, like 10H (T-Mobile), 11A (Verizon), 10G (AT&T), ZV5 (Sprint), 10C (US Cellular) and many others.

No one guarantee that the method can still be applied when the phone has been updated via OTA to the newer version, so it is better to prevent automatic OTA update on LG G4 by disabling several system files.

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Device Image: LG

A senior member of xda – phineous, was able to find some files that you must disable / remove to deactivate OTA update. Here are some system files that you need to disable.

  • LGDMSClient.apk
  • LGUpdateCenter.apk
  • LGFOTA.apk
  • LGLDB.apk


But you need to remember, not all LG G4 variants have those files, particularly the US released device:

  1. Verizon Wireless (VS986) users also need to disable: VerizonIgnite.apk.
  2. AT&T Mobility (H810) owners should also block: WildTangent.apk.
  3. Sprint (LS991) users will need to disable: Sprint_Installer.apk.
  4. T-Mobile (H815) owners will need to disable: AdaptClient.apk.

To be able to disable some of the apps you can use a Debloater tool that you can read here, you can even use it without root access.


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