AT&T LG G Flex (D950): Safe to disable/remove bloatware list

AT&T branded LG G Flex (D950) is the new LG’s flagship smartphone for 2014, it’s the first curved Android phone with self healing back cover and also flexible body, which means that this phone may be bent flat up to 180 degrees, that’s awesome, right? For the hardware specs, the phone is equipped with a Quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and a massive battery capacity (3500mAh).


From all the greatness that is owned by AT&T LG G Flex, there is one downside that restricts us, there’s no SD card slot available. This means we have to keep all the content in the internal storage, it may be enough for common users, but for those who like to keep HD video or playing massive games, 32GB of storage is considered less.

There are numerous efforts that you can take to preserve storage space on this device, one of which is to remove the AT&T LG G Flex bloatware or unused pre-installed apps. If you are afraid to remove it, you have other options to freeze them, which also useful to reduce the use of system resources and battery life since there are some bloatware apps that run as the background process.

AT&T LG G Flex: Safe to remove bloatware apps list

Listed below are some apps that are safe to take out from your internal storage, but don’t forget to perform a backup the apps to avoid bootloop or system turn out to be unstable.

att lg g flex d950 safe bloatware list

Image: LG/AT&T

AT&T Pre-installed apps

Address Book
Code Scanner
Mobile TV®
Smart Wi-Fi

Other third party apps

Polaris Office®
Kindle for Android

Above is a tentative list of AT&T LG G Flex bloatware apps, in addition you can also see the another huge list of bloatware apps. We will continue to update the list as time goes on.



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