Easily remove the unlocked bootloader warning on Moto X Pure Edition 2015

After superuser privileges, unlocked bootloader is the most desired thing for Android enthusiast. Simply because they have more power to mods their Android devices, including installing a custom recovery (TWRP), kernel or custom ROMs, which it cannot be done when we only have root access. Fortunately, the 3rd Gen of Moto X 2015 shipped with unlockable bootloader, it’s officially supported by Motorola. But after that we will notice an unlocked bootloader warning on Moto X Pure Edition 2015 on boot screen when we turn on or restart the phone.


Although it does not have affect to the performance of this device, this warning is quite annoying and seemed to indicate if there is a problem on your device. This is probably the efforts of Motorola to minimize unlocking activity, and make the users think twice before unlocking. These initiatives are not only performed by Motorola, other smartphone manufacturers like HTC and Samsung also do the same on their devices.

But in reality, this effort is not effective enough to stop its advanced users to unlock the device. Since there is a fairly easy way to eliminate the unlocked bootloader warning by simply replace the existing boot logo in the system. We can even replace the boot screen logo with the custom one, don’t have to use the official logo boot from Motorola.

Moto x 2015 unlocked warning

Unlocked Bootloader Warning

For those who are unhappy to see an unlocked bootloader warning on Moto X 2015 and wants to replace it with a stock boot logo or the custom one, you can follow the following few easy steps that will be explained.
The procedure is done with the fastboot command, so we need the fastboot files and a computer.

  1. Set up the required Motorola USB drivers for Moto X and also fastboot files.
  2. Power down the phone, once completely turned off, press and hold Volume down + Power button for a few seconds.
  3. Connect the phone to the PC via micro USB cable.
  4. Download any Motorola boot logo you desire, like this one. The file should have bin extension, when you got a zip file, then you need to extract it and rename it to logo.bin.
  5. Go to the folder where you save the fastboot file.
  6. Open a CMD window from the fastboot folder, then run the following command.
    fastboot flash logo logo.bin
  7. Now restart the phone:
    fastboot reboot


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