Best Call Recorder App for Motorola Moto X Pure Edition 2015

Not every Android smartphone has a feature to record call conversation, even in certain countries call recording is restricted. In the US, few states (California, Florida, Massachusetts, etc.) require you to ask for permission to the other person before recording a call, this is probably one of the reasons why not all phones get this feature. Sometimes, record call conversations are very useful, for example, when you have to recall the lengthy full address of your friend’s house, you’ll fail to remember it when you have bad memory.


As you may know, there’s no 2-way call recording feature on the new Motorola Moto X Pure Edition (2015). Even though, it’s not available out of the box, we can use a third party app to record calls with this phone. You can find many free and paid apps that can do the recording, but not all could work for this smartphone. Call recording is a device specific feature, it’s required some functionalities on the system level.

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Based on Moto X Pure Edition 2015 users on xda community, only call recorder app by skvalex is compatible with this device. The app is made for stock the device without superuser access and also for devices with root privileges. If you are lucky enough, you can perform 2 way recording using a standard API, but if it fail to record, it seems you should try to gain root access first.

moto x 2015 pure call recording

Apparently, we don’t have to get worried, since root can be obtained easily on this phone. So, if you really need a call recording feature, you can consider to root the phone, since it’s very helpful as the stock Motorola software did not implement the required call recorder functionality.

The working Call Recorder by skvalex is quite pricy, but it’s worth the money, available in Google Play Store for $9.95. However, you can try the trial version before purchase the full version.



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