Battery percentage indicator mod for HTC One (M7)

Every Android phone has a battery indicator located on the status bar, but the battery information displayed is incomplete, so we are only able to guess how long our batteries will last. You can also find it on an HTC phone with the stock firmware, so in order to get a more complete battery information we have to modify the system firmware. Luckily he_stheone64 a developer from XDA has build mod to display percentage (%) battery indicator on the HTC One (M7). Using this we are able to see in depth what percentage of the remaining battery that we have, this mod can also show what percentage of the battery during charging.


HTC One is built with 2300 mAh battery capacity that large enough, but with 4.7 inch screen and high resolution (1080p) display, could cause the battery drain if used continuously. By modifying a battery symbol to percentage indicators, will make you more careful in the use of battery resource.

htc one battery percentage indicator

Screenshot: he_stheone64 @xda

In case you are interested applying this mod you can follow the tips given below, tested with Europe version of HTC One.

  1. Since we are going to modify the system files, our HTC One (M7) need to achieve root access and also custom recovery (CWM) installed. Still not rooted yet? Read the tutorial here.
  2. Grab the CWM flashable mods in zip on the dev’s official thread. Before downloading, be sure that your device ROM/firmware is odexed or de-odexed. In case your phone is still with the stock ROM, then there’s a possibility that you are running an Odexed ROM.
  3. Copy the mods file into the phone’s storage.
  4. Reboot into CWM recovery, and flash it.



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