Automatically change the color of Google Keyboard to match with any app

Android 5.0 Lollipop has brought massive changes to the Android User Interface, it should improve the user experience and also the attractiveness of the Android OS itself. This attracted the interest of many Android users, although their devices still running an earlier version of Android, they really want to experience the new Google design language know as Material Design.


Although not everything can be in materialized, but at least, we could as close as we can by auto change the navigation and status bar color to match with the app. Not just that, we could also able to change the color of Google Keyboard to match with our personality. If the Google Keyboard standard theme are Material Light, Materials Dark, Holo Light and Holo Dark, now we can use any color we wish, so our smartphone becomes more materialized.

auto change color google keyboard

In addition, we could automatically change the color of the keyboard to match with the app color, so the color of the keyboard will be adjusted just like the colors used in the app. In case you don’t like the auto tint feature, you can manually configure a different color keyboard for each app.


Here’s the easy step by step how to get it done:

  1. Make the Google Keyboard as a default keyboard.
  2. Open Xposed Installer and go to Download section.
  3. Search for a module called “Flat style Colored Keyboard”, download and install it. The module also available on Google Play Store.
  4. Head to Module section, enable the module and reboot.
  5. Now open an app called Flat Style Colored Keyboard from app drawer and configure it as you wish.


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