AT&T Galaxy Note 3 bloatware list that are safe to remove

For those who switch to Android smartphone from an iPhone or Windows phone, they might be a little surprised by the number of preloaded apps that have been installed on their phones, especially if you buy the phone that is released by your cell phone carrier, the number of installed apps could be more. It also occurs in the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900A), this smartphone comes with a lot of bloatware apps, and some of them requires us to subscribe before using it.


AT&T Galaxy Note 3 bloatware removal could make our phone looks less cluttered with the decrease of the app’s icon on the app drawer. The Loss of bloatware also minimizes the CPU resource usage and also the RAM usage from background process, is certainly effective to improve the performance of our Samsung smartphone.

at&t galaxy note 3 bloatware list

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Here are the apps that are safe to remove (requires root) or disabled (without root) by following the guide here. You don’t have to remove all the apps, since everyone’s needs are different.

AT&T Galaxy Note 3 bloatware list

AT&T Apps (Family Map, Locker, Messages)
Adapt Sound
ANT Radio Service
ANT+ Plugins
Browser Bar
Dual Clock (digital)
Google Play Apps (Books, Magazine and Music)
HP Print Service Plugin
Lookout Security
Mobile TV
Music FX
Phase beam
Polaris Office 5
S Health
Samsung WatchON
Sensor Service
Yahoo Finance

That’s huge lists of apps, I don’t know why they put a whole lot of apps on our smartphone.



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