AT&T LG Optimus G Pro: remove carrier label from notification bar

Almost all android smartphone has a carrier label located on the notification bar, which allows you to display your current network operator, but for those who prefer the simple look UI, a carrier label could be a problem, since they think it will cluttering their notification bar. Same goes with the AT&T LG Optimus G Pro, you will notice AT&T label on the left side of the notification bar.


Fortunately there is a recognized themer from xda with username MrDSL, he builds recovery-flashable mod to remove AT&T label permanently from Optimus G Pro (LGE980). This is very useful for those who hate to see a carrier label on their phones and desire a clean look.

optimus g pro remove carrier label

Image: LG
Screenshot: MrDSL @xda

Make sure you have a custom recovery, 2nd-init CWM or TWRP recovery can be used to flash this mod. Then make sure you also have a full nandroid backup, since the developer didn’t build a mod to restore the carrier label. Below are a few simple steps to get rid of the carrier label from LGOG Pro (E980):

  1. Get the flashable mod file ( on MrDSL’s thread on xda and save it.
  2. Boot into recovery, install zip from sdcard and then find the saved mod file.
  3. Flash, reboot and profit.

After bootup you won’t notice any carrier label on the notification bar. Tested and reportedly working when working with 2nd-init AT&T CWM and TWRP recovery.



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