AT&T LG G3 (D850) bloatware apps list that are safe to delete

The LG G3 is one of the best smartphones LG has ever made, this device has many revolutionary features and amazing hardware specs that can help you do more tasks efficiently. With so many features available in this device, will make the size of user accessible storage on the wane, but it’s OK, because almost all pre-installed LG features make this device more cool. On the other hand, some wireless carriers such as AT&T Mobility adds a lot of pre-installed app on the phone, some folks call the unnecessary pre-loaded app as AT&T LG G3 bloatware apps.


The main reason why most people hate the bloatware on the AT&T LG G3 (D850) is many of them automatically started and running in the background when you turn on your phone. Although it’s not using CPU or RAM resources excessively, but it could impact to battery life. However, it’s much better when the bloatware apps are not installed on your smartphone and fulfill the phone’s internal storage.

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However, we don’t suggest you to remove all the bloatware since not all of them are not helpful. One of which is AT&T Smart Wi-Fi which maximizing your Wi-Fi connections while reducing your mobile data usage. The Smart Wi-Fi assists you to locate, auto-connect and preserve accessible hotspots, so this app could maximizes your battery life. It can also shows Wi-Fi and mobile data consumption in real-time.

lg g3 at&t bloatware apps

Image: LG / AT&T

AT&T LG G3 bloatware apps that are safe to remove

If you want to clean up your phone and free up some storage space, you can remove one or more pre-installed apps from the list below, some of which may require root access to be removed. But do not forget to backup every bloatware apps, especially if you want to completely get rid of it.


AT&T Apps:
  • Navigator /
  • FamilyMap / com.wavemarket.waplauncher
  • Locker /
  • Mobile TV /
  • Smart Wi-Fi /
  • Mobile Locate /
  • YPmobile /
  • DriveMode / com.drivemode
  • myAT&T / com.att.myWireless
  • Address Book
  • Device Help
  • Mobile Hotspots
Google Apps:
  • Google+ /
  • Music /
  • Newsstand /
  • Youtube /
  • Famigo / com.famigo.sandbox
  • Lookout / com.lookout
  • ISIS Mobile Wallet / com.isis.mclient.atnt.activity
  • Amazon Kindle /
  • Facebook / com.facebook.katana
  • Twitter /
  • Beats Music /
  • Uber / com.ubercab


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