AT&T Galaxy S4: Safely freeze or remove bloatware apps

Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-I337) has excellent hardware specifications such as 1.9 GHz Quad-core CPU and 2GB of RAM, so you’re able to undoubtedly run any apps or games that are made for Android devices. However the power isn’t matched with the storage space, as you know by now AT&T only offering 16GB version of S4.


With the limited internal storage capacity, we should be more selective when picking any android apps or games we’re going to install. You might also know, this smartphone also has expandable memory storage up to 64GB with MicroSD format, sadly we can’t move installed apps to SD card due to Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) limitation.

galaxy s4 sgh-i337 remove bloatware

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The simple and fast solution to free up internal memory storage in the AT&T Galaxy S4 is to remove or freeze bloatware/pre-installed apps that you never use. There are two ways to get rid of apps, first disable bloatware thru phone’s Settings and the second is to remove via Titanium Backup or a similar app, which ask you to have rooted smartphone. Fuller explanation can be seen below.

Without Root
This method will disable pre-installed apps ease without rooting your phone, the apps you’ve selected won’t appear again in the app drawer. Go to phone Settings -> More tab -> Application manager -> ALL. Select the apps that you want to freeze, and tap “Disable”.

Using Root
In this method we will remove/freeze apps with the help of tools similar to Titanium Backup, ROM Manager or MyBackup Pro, which require root privileges to be able to work. Not like previous methods, here we can completely remove the apps so it can free up some storage space.


Safe to remove bloatware / pre-installed apps list from Galaxy S4 (SGH-I337)

Here is a list of some applications which are mostly AT&T bloatware, which is safe to be removed or in other words will not make your smartphone bricked when the apps aren’t there.

AT&T Drivemode
-//- FamilyMap
-//- Hot Spots
-//- Locker
-//- Messages
-//- Navigator
-//- Smart Wi-Fi

If you really want to remove an app, we advise you to freeze it first, and try your smartphone for a while, in case you do not have any issues, now you can completely delete it from Galaxy S4.


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