All in one mods for Sprint HTC One – battery percent indicator, removed GPS icon, etc.

It seems Sprint models of HTC One have a lot of support from developers, it can be seen from quite a number of custom ROMs or mods that have been released, it could happen due to HTCDev support this device for unlocking the bootloader. A dev from xda – O.M.J. has released all in one mods that is able to customize our phone look and feel.


The dev offers some mods that you can apply on the Sprint HTC One, including battery percentage (%) indicator, semi-transparent notification bar when pulled down, taken off GPS icon, take away the clock’s am/pm, got rid of power saver notification, advanced Power Menu (Restart, Screen capture, etc.) plus some other mods.

sprint htc one mod battery

Image: HTC
Screenshot: O.M.J @xda

Even though composed from many mods, it’s not necessary to install the whole thing, just select a few mods you prefer. This is possible as the mod files use the Aroma installer, which makes you freely choose what mods you want to flash, but you need to remember that this mod can be used on deodex ROMs only. For those who are considering using these mods, below is a brief guide.

  1. Make sure your phone bootloader has been unlocked via HTCDev, and also have installed a custom recovery (TWRP/CWM).
  2. Get mod files (flashable zip) required on the dev’s thread here, then copy or move the file into your phone.
  3. Entrance to the main bootloader menu and then select recovery, after entering now select install zip.
  4. After selecting the file to be used, then the Sprint HTC aroma will boot into Aroma installer, now you will be able to choose some mods that you will use.



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