Top Moto X Pure Edition 2015 screen protector: Tempered Glass and Hard Film

If you are a loyal Motorola Android phone user, then the 3rd Generation of Moto X 2015 aka Moto X Style is a must have device. It sports a 1.8GHz Snapdragon processor with 808 chipset, which is much colder, the RAM also upgraded to 3GB to ensure smooth multi-tasking. Motorola also decided to provide storage microSD expansion slot which has dropped since the 1st Gen of Moto X in 2013. The display resolution has also been upgraded to Quad HD (1440 x 2560 pixels), viewable on 5.7-inches display, so you might need to add a screen protector for Moto X Pure Edition 2015 as additional protection.


Motorola adds additional display protection from Corning, the Gorilla Glass 3. Although it is not the latest product from Corning (which has released Gorilla Glass 4), this previous version can still protect your device nicely, considering that the 3rd generation of Gorilla coming with with Native damage resistance (NDR) that enables superior damage resistance and toughness, which could protect your display from scratches and prevents the glass breaks when dropped.

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The vast majority of the phone’s display already built to prevent scratching or accidental drop. The phone’s glass will be resistance against scratches coming from sharp things, such as knives or keys that have a lower hardness. But not from scratches coming from the higher hardness material such as sand and diamond. So, by using Moto X Pure Edition 2015 screen protector you will have an additional layer of display protection, when you break it, just purchase another item which is much cheaper than replacing the phone’s glass.

Moto X 2015 Pure Edition Screen Protector, Tampered Glass or Soft Film

Almost all screen protector available today were built from the PET film and tempered glass. The PET film material normally has 3H hardness rating, while the tempered glass material has a greater hardness rating – about 9H. From here it was clear that tempered glass could better protect your device when dropped or scratched. In addition, the glass material will look clearer, the advantage of the film material is its low price.

Here are some screen guard items we’ve found, we only show the some of the best products:

    tempered glass screen protector moto x 2015 pure edition

    Image: UTLK / Amazon

  1. HD Clear Ballistic Tempered Glass by UTLK – Buy from
    UTLK said that this product manufactured from the highest quality tempered-glass with Bubble-Free adhesives for easy installation and removal. It has 9H surface hardness, that is three times tougher than typical PET film material. The oleophobic coating will help you stops fingerprints and other contaminants, it also makes it easy to clean. It only has 0.3mm thickness, which mean you will get HD clarity display and without compromising touchscreen sensitivity.
  2. moto x 2015 film screen protector

    Image: Fosmon / Amazon

  3. Crystal Clear Hard Film Coating by Fosmon – Buy from
    This film screen protector made out of hard film material from Japan with 3H hardness rating. It’s clear, extremely thin (130μm) and durable, so it could protect your device against moderate damage and soft scratch. It comes with 3 pieces of screen guard, cleaning cloth made from microfiber, smoothing card and an instruction on how to properly apply it.
  4. Image: Vena / Amazon

    Image: Vena / Amazon

  5. vShield Anti Glare Matte Film by Vena – Buy from
    Vena vShield Anti-Glare was designed to provide top protection without impacting the touchscreen sensitivity and clearness. It’s thin (220μm) product with triple-layer of PET film that could reduce reflection and prevents eye strain. It is made of Japan hard films with 3H hardness material, which proved to have better protection from external impact. It’s coming with a complete package: three pieces of matte film, cleaning cloth, dust removal sticker, smoothing card, installation instruction and lifetime warranty information.



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