Best Screen Protectors for Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) – Tempered Glass or Soft Urethane

From all the physical changes in the Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen.), the display get the most noticeable improvement. The 2014-devices come with 5.2 inches AMOLED display, while the predecessor only equipped with 4.7 inches. From the display resolution, the new Motorola Moto X has a better resolution, 1080×1920 (Full HD) pixels vs. 720×1280 pixels (HD). So not only the larger screen, but also a lot better pixel density (~424 ppi vs. ~312 ppi), generating crisper and less blurry screen.


As a touchscreen device, most areas on the front panel is the screen, it’s could easily scratch, and easily cracked when dropped. To that end, Motorola employs Corning Gorilla Glass 3 as a display protection, which features Native Damage Resistance (NDR) that’s more durable and tougher. As a complement to this protection, you can also give your Moto X 2nd Gen a screen protector, so that your phone will be better prepared for the worst case.

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There are several types of screen protectors such as clear with a glossy finish, anti-glare coating and matte finish. Screen guards are commonly manufactured from PET films or tempered glass. A PET films protectors are thinner and affordable, while the glass is more robust and slightly more expensive. Here are some best rated screen protectors for Moto X 2nd Gen (2014) which available for purchase:

Moto X 2nd gen tempered glass

Image: HotSpot / Amazon

Crystal Premium Tempered Glass by HotSpot

The screen protector is constructed from 9H hardness surface rating of tempered glass , it could make your phone’s display scratch-free from sharp/hard stuff like knife or keys. It’s also water and oil resistant, so it can avoid smudges and reduce the fingerprints. You can get one and read the full users reviews on

skinomi moto x

Image: Skinomi/Amazon

Skinomi TechSkin Clear Film for Moto X (2014)

It is made ​​from thermoplastic urethane material which works as a shock absorber, it’s optically transparent so that you may not be aware of it. Skinomi said that their products are made ​​up of four layers: the top layer is a UV clear coat, then sequentially consists of urethane layer, acrylic adhesive and protective liner. It’s available on Amazon.

anti glare screen guard

Image: Mr. Shield/Amazon

Anti Glare Matte Finish Protector by Mr. Shield

If you need an affordable yet powerful screen guard, you can decide on a product from Mr. Shield. It’s less expensive, you not only get a 1 piece of screen protector, but 3 pcs, so you can replace the protectors regularly. As the products are made ​​of PET material like the others film protectors, it has 4H surface hardness rating, not as strong as tempered glass, but sufficient to protect the display from daily wear and tear. Get it directly from Amazon web store.


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