Which is the best HTC One M9 screen protectors: Tempered glass or PET film

The latest HTC flagship phone for 2015 has unveiled, it’s labeled as the HTC One M9. Although it is the successor of last year’s flagship phone, but not much has changed, even in terms of design, it still implements the all-metal body. The display also still in the same resolution, 1080×1920 pixels or 1080p (Full HD) with ~441ppi pixel density. Fortunately, HTC has upgraded the display protection through the use of the latest Gorilla Glass 4.


The Gorilla Glass 4 is the fourth generation of a toughened glass designed and manufactured by Corning, which claimed to be two-time tougher than any device screen protection products. It’s has been developed to deal with everyday drops, and it survives around 80% of the time when dropped from one meter.

Although it has been protected with the best display protection, it doesn’t hurt to put additional protection like tempered glass screen protector to HTC One M9, which serves as the additional layer of display protection when the phone is dropped. Since it’s an additional removable glass, you can easily replace it and don’t need to claim a warranty replacement.

htc one m9 best screen protector

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Top HTC One M9 Screen Protectors – Tempered Glass or Film

Most of the screen protector offered nowadays were crafted from soft clear film and toughened / tempered glass. Both have different levels of protection, the film commonly has 3H hardness rating, while the glass material has a higher hardness rating, which is about 9H. From the given rating, you could determine which material can protect you better. In terms of clearness, the tempered glass slightly clearer, but thicker when compared with PET film material.

Here are some products we’ve found, we only show the best product among several brands. It could be your guide in choosing the top HTC M9 screen protector:

Supershieldz Premium 9H Tempered Glass
htc one m9 tempered glass

Image: Supershieldz/Amazon

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The Supershieldz has chemically strengthened, which make it has 9H ratings, that’s three times tougher in comparison with regular PET film screen protectors. Although it’s less expensive than the other brands, but Supershieldz only use top quality toughened glass material. It also has applied 100% bubble-free adhesives, so the installation is easy with no residue when taken off.

Fosmon Clear 3H Hard Coating Film
Image: Fosmon/Amazon

Image: Fosmon/Amazon

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This type of screen protector is the cheaper alternative to toughened glass, as the material is more cost-effective. Commonly, will not just get one piece, but three pieces of display protector, so you can replace them as often as possible. This is likely an anticipation from the manufacturer, since the PET film doesn’t last very long, probably about 4-6 months before you seen a lot of scratches and it starts peeling off.


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