Top HTC One M9 Bumper Case, Metal or TPU materials

As we know, HTC has unveiled its new flagship smartphone called HTC One M9, the design was nearly identical to its predecessor, the M8. Although it has a similar design, but you will experience significantly better performance when using it. The M9 is still using a metal material, but now with some enhancements like dual-tone all-metal body and mirrored edges.


All-metal body is the main attractiveness of this smartphone, but it does not mean you do not need additional protection. HTC One M9 bumper case is the best solution for those who want to put additional protection without having to cover its stunning metal body. Since in most cases, a bumper case is made only for protecting the edges of the phone, without covering the back cover or make it look thicker.

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Just like general phone cases, a bumper case for HTC One M9 can be made from several materials. The most commonly used is TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material, it’s a mixed material between the hard plastic and soft silicone, harder than silicone, but more flexible than regular plastic that is able to absorb impacts when dropped. The other material is aluminum bumper case, this material gives the M9 exclusive look, many people may think that the case is part of the phone itself.

The following are some of the top HTC One M9 bumper case that might be a reference for you when choosing a case for your M9.

Case-Mate Naked Tough Case
case-mate htc one m9 bumper

Image: Case-Mate

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Case-Mate is one of the well-known accessories brand from US, you might been aware of this brand before. The Naked Tough series consists of two layers of protection, the first is the TPU bumper, case-mate choose soft and flexible material as the bumper, since this could be a good impact absorption material.

In addition to the bumper, you will also get a plastic shell that could protect the back cover. You have an option to not install the hard plastic shell, but it will reduce the overall protection that can be given.

HTC One M9 Aluminium Bumper Case

Image: Ebay/Luphie

Image: Ebay/Luphie

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An aluminum bumper case could be an alternative for those who want a case that has a similar look with the M9 body. When you put it on, it will make your device more elegant. Inside the case you will see rubber material that prevents scratches to the phone body, it could also absorb the impact when dropped. You may be curious if the aluminum/metal bumper case will affect the phone reception or wireless signal, this could be true but it is a rare case.



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