Top Screen Protector for HTC Desire Eye – Tempered Glass or PET Film

Although not designed with full metal body just like the HTC One M8, but the HTC Desire Eye has a modern design and it’s colorful. It’s slightly thinner and lighter than the flagship phone, other interesting pros on the phone are the 13 MP front camera, which will take your selfies to high definition. HTC also slightly upgrade the display to 5.2 inches with 1080p resolution.


The phone’s display area is the most prone to scratches, so HTC give it more protection with Gorilla Glass 3 which proof against scratches from sharp objects. Most of you might think that you no longer need a screen protector for HTC Desire Eye, and this might be true. However, some experiments shown that phone display will be scratched by materials with higher hardness such as sand or diamond.

Which One is best for HTC Desire Eye, Tempered Glass or PET film

Most screen protector for HTC Desire Eye that offered these days are made of soft PET film and a tempered glass material, all of it have its own pros and cons. The soft films made from Polyethylene Terephthalate, this material commonly has 3H hardness rating, another plus is the price, you can even get more than one protector with one price, so you could replace the screen protectors once a month.

The other material is tempered glass, it’s the same materials that used on the phone display, although with different qualities. Putting an HTC Desire Eye tempered glass screen protector is like adding another glass to the phone. Since it has 9H hardness level, it could better protect the device screen area.

Here we chose some of the best products with two different materials, this may be a consideration for you to choose the best screen protectors for an HTC Desire Eye:

desire eye tempered glass

Image: Anoke/Amazon

Anoke 9H Hardness Tempered Glass for HTC Desire Eye.

Anoke said that they use AGC (Asahi Glass Co.) glass material from Japan, the Dragontrail is a well-known glass produced by AGC which is a Gorilla Glass competitor. The screen protector is made as thin as possible (0.3mm) and the rounded edge design makes it look natural and can be fused with the phone’s display.

And just like other tempered glass protector, it’s has 9H hardness rating that means three times stronger than the common PET materials. Even sharp objects such as knives and keys will not scratch the glass. The oleophobic coating also makes this smartphone easy to clean and helpful to reduce fingerprints. The Anoke Tempered Glass now available on Amazon.

desire eye soft screen protector

Image: KlearCut/Amazon

KlearCut Premium PET Film Screen Protector

If your cash is limited, or maybe you want to always replace a screen protector on a monthly basis, then this PET film fits for you. In addition to an affordable price, you not only get one, but six pieces of screen protector. KlearCut says that they utilize high quality multi-layer PET film from Japan, to the make sure it can better protect the HTC Desire Eye screen from scratches, scrapes and fingerprints.

The “Exact-Real-Touch” technology and Anti-Bubble silicone layer, is the main feature of this product to guarantee the phone touchscreen responsiveness and bubble-free installation. With a very affordable price you can get a 6 pack of screen protectors, go get it from Amazon.



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