Best TPU Cases for HTC One (M7) – Thin, Elastic and Transparent

The most wanted accessories that we want to buy for our brand new phones are cases or covers, which helps us to protect our phone body from drops or scratches. Phone case is made from a variety of materials, including hard plastic, silicon, aluminium, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), and more. For HTC One (M7) a TPU case can be an option since it doesn’t make our phone bulky, TPU cases also elastic, not easily scratched, and above all it doesn’t harm your M7’s body as it’s a soft material.


Everybody knows, HTC One (M7) is a phone with a full aluminium body, not only the back but also front side, making this device looks solid. Actually, even without using a case this phone can safeguard itself very well, but when it accidentally dropped then you’ll still notice the scratches on the aluminium body, although it has no effect on the smartphone performance, but it looks quite disturbing, especially if you plan to sell this phone some day, then the buyer will bid a low price due to the scratch.

Here is a picture of some of the best TPU case for HTC One (M7), which has been available up to now.

best htc one m7 tpu case

Image: Amazon/Poetic/GTMax/LF/Cimo

Buying the HTC One (M7) TPU case is not too difficult, since most online stores such as Amazon has been offering these products on a wide selection of designs and colours, if you want to show off the M7’s original colour, you can pick a transparent case. The price of the TPU case is affordable, mostly cost no more than Ten Bucks, making it suitable for those of you who want switch case every few months.


You can get a many options TPU case for M7 on Amazon or Ebay, some items are even eligible for FREE Super Saving Shipping.


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